The Lahore High Court on Tuesday ordered the authorities to extend winter vacations in the capital of Punjab, Lahore, by an additional week due to the deteriorating air quality.
After hearing a petition over anti-smog measures, Justice Shahid Kareem ordered the educational institutions to extend the winter break. In accordance with the court order, the judge also instructed officials to issue a notification in this regard. For more details, stay in touch with

Announcement: Winter Vacation Extended In Schools, Colleges Of Punjab

Winter Vacation Started From December 24, 2022
Schools, Colleges Reopening (lnitial Announcement) January 02, 2023
Winter Vacation Extended TillJanuary 08, 2023
Winter Vacation 2023 Extended

Winter Vacation Extended For One Week In Punjab

According to the Lahore court’s instructions, the member of the judicial commission contacted the department of education, however the department has not yet made a notification regarding an extension.
Azhar Siddiqui petitioned with the court last week to rule that the winter break should last until the second week of January. Following arguments, the court instructed the Members Judicial Commission to discuss holiday extensions with the Education Department.

Dates Of Winter Vacation In Punjab 2022-2023

The Punjab School Education Department initially announced that all public and private schools and colleges in the province would be closed from December 24 to December 31. With the most recent announcement, the break will now last until January 8, 2023. For more details, stay in touch with

Extension In Winter Vacation Of School And Colleges

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