About Us

I’m Areej Farooq, a Pakistani native from Lahore, is the creator of ScienceSpirit786.com. This outstanding and deserving website was established on November 24, 2022.

Goals of this Website

This website offers a wide range of information about employment, overseas jobs, internet jobs, scholarships, exams, results and many other topics. ScienceSpirit786.com offers information from reputable sources so that people can readily find it and act on it. The website, which is reliable, offers employment opportunities for local, state, and federal government positions, private-sector jobs, NTS jobs, abroad jobs, and internet jobs, as well as exam schedules and results updates.

Objectivity of this Website

Most users respond to this website and receive prompt responses to their comments and inquiries thanks to the online platform’s enormous convenience. The website updates all news related the education sector and posts new jobs on a daily basis.

This website is working with all of its heart and soul to provide the best and comfort to online users who save to stand in lines for hours and wait for jobs and education schedules and their results, while sitting within the space of a few seconds one can easily have all details accurately and proceed. Jobs that were advertised in newspapers are included here so that you can apply online at the appropriate addresses without leaving your home. Scholarships, their specifics, and the requirements for applying for jobs are all stated in plain, basic, and understandable language so that anyone can quickly grasp them and start the application process.

I guarantee that everyone, both known and unknown users, must utilize and stay connected to this educational website to constantly and for free stay informed. The fantastic website provides users with really accurate information and was created with humans in mind.